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TO KNEEL AND KISS THE EARTH: Inspiration from the Soul Artist Journal

Repeatedly, many people have suggested or requested a compilation of posts from the Soul Artist Journal, the weekly e-column that L.R. Heartsong penned for nearly five years prior to launching TendingSacredVoilà! Rolling off the press in early December, the first collection of inspirational writings from the SAJ, covering a wide range of themes—nature and soul, conscious living, slow food, healing, rewilding the heart, and more—all exploring how we nourish the soul.

Update: it’s here! Now available for purchase at online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, etc.) and select bookshops. Visit the book’s website for more information:

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“I’ve been reading your archives. Weeks ago, I’d meant to begin reading – one or two every now and then, I’d thought, but rather I’ve found myself reading and re-reading everything I could find. You are an amazing creature. Of all the things we’ve piled up for ‘someday’, perhaps first on my own list is to speak to you at length about your writing and to encourage you to publish further. More widely. Bravissimo, you are.”
~ Marlena de Blasi, internationally bestselling author of A Thousand Days in Venice, and A Thousand Days in Tuscany  
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From the Foreword:

“We all need inspiration on our journey. For nearly five years, the Soul Artist Journal explored weekly the art of living a meaningful, connected existence that cultivates a sense of well-being. Though the posts were diverse, there was an underlying theme: how do we nourish the soul?

What does it mean to be a Soul Artist? The SAJ articles offered reflections on those little, ordinary human moments of the day: a cup of tea, a fading flower in the garden, puttering in the kitchen, a stroll through the neighborhood or along a wild riverbank. Each entry, in differing ways, extoled the importance of opening our senses and heart to the living field of intelligence we are continually steeped in. How does the moment feel? What is on our plate to share? How can we nurture and befriend the body as ecstatic resource for a life of vitality and well-being? What is ours to bring to this multidimensional relationship—with place, humans, earth’s denizens, and planet? What is the Deep Imagination? And how do we heal and evolve?

The Journal traveled its own spiral and arc, varying in length and tone over the years. Yet it always sought to illuminate conscious living and embodiment, gratitude, creativity, personal authenticity and transformation, seasonal food, natural beauty, and a sensual connection with nature and earth.

In short, these writings celebrate a life for the senses… and the ordinary sacred.

Here, a first collection of posts selected by the author L.R. Heartsong. Perhaps pour yourself a cup of something, and then sit somewhere comfortable and quiet. Inhale a couple of deep breaths, sweeping aside the noisy voices and demands of the day—if only for now—and take a little journey for your soul.

Welcome, traveler.”

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Advance praise for the compilation:

“For several years, L.R. Heartsong’s Soul Artist Journal landed gracefully in my in-box once a week. I was an avid reader, admiring his calm and lyrical voice, knowing I would be given a connection with the everyday sacred: bare feet on earth, a grandmother tree outside his door, a lit candle, a fragrant soup, a hike in the mountains, the soul of cooking. This was mixed with a wry, searching mind, soulful melancholy, refreshing honesty, deep connection to spirit, and candid self-reflection. Always a varied and luscious feast! After reading, I emerged more engaged with life, slower, more careful, less distracted. Thank you, River, for bringing together some of these kernels into a book. They are needed in the world.”  ~ Carolyn Brigit Flynn, author of Communion: In Praise of the Sacred Earth, editor of Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry & Sacred Stories by Women

“River’s writing is exquisitely crafted. His poetic words will awaken in you a new way of seeing our world, and inspire you to renew your connection with the Earth. These writings are a treasure that you’ll return to again & again.” ~ Jocelyn Mercado, founder of Sacred Planet

“When I am lucky enough to have a free Sunday, I bake something rustic and tasty, brew some tea, and settle down to read this guy right here. I adore him.” ~ Joy Wilson Parrish, author of Sojourn and Rust

“River is a brilliant writer who shares deep and important life wisdom with his readers.” ~ Michael Stone, Conversations Radio (

“I encourage you to open the cover of To Kneel and Kiss the Earth and allow these essays to coax you out-of-doors for a ramble, to discover and savor the ordinary-extraordinary wonders and beauties of our marvelous Mother Earth. Heartsong is a passionate yet gentle and eloquent way-shower to the heart of Gaia, and to the Wild Soul that dwells within each of us. These pages sing with his luminous praise for our precious Earth-home, reason enough to add this to your collection of treasured books. I am deeply grateful for L.R. Heartsong’s work in the world.” ~ Carol Ohmart Behan, author of Answering Avalon’s Call: the Mystical Odyssey of an Earth Healer

“Like the subtle ingredients of a well-cooked meal, L.R. Heartsong sprinkles his words deliciously into a palate of mouthwatering, poetic prose. Piquing one’s interest and holding their attention to the conclusion, he weaves his stories with picturesque clarity, giving the mind, heart, and soul mannato munch on.  I am moved by his posts and know you will be, too.” ~ Anita C. Stewart, RN, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor, and author of Life Sparks and Nurse Sparks

“Each path we travel is a thread woven into fabric of our being. L.R. Heartsong has added many threads to the cloth that wraps my body and washes my soul. Because of him, my ever-evolving soul journey has a roadmap, new pathways. I am eternally grateful for the journey shared and the journeys to come.” ~ Roger R Coyle, author of Quiet Thoughts: Written Reflections 

“To discover L.R. Heartsong’s writing is to dip your feet into a pristine spring-fed stream that takes your breath away. His eloquent writing, his love of Gaia, his healing words are a balm to a world that has forgotten how to connect to the deep, the sacred, the pureness of our core essence as part of the Sacred Whole. Thank you, beautiful friend, for continuing to flow with your stunning words and work!” ~ Mare Cromwell, author of The Great Mother Bible, along with Messages from Mother… Earth Mother, and If I gave you God’s phone number

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